Ron Jung - Pharmacist

Ron has over 38 years of experience managing multiple pharmacies and a background in management at Kaiser Pharmacy in Los Angeles. In his free time, Ron enjoys playing golf and supporting USC football - Fight On!


Dianne Kwock Jung - Pharmacist

Dianne has over 36 years of experience managing multiple pharmacies. She has a background in hospitals that include experience with IV therapies. Dianne enjoys gardening, traveling to exotic locations, and spending time with her children.

Steve Saroyan.jpg

Steve Saroyan - Pharmacist

Steve has over 8 years of experience with pharmacy consulting and long term care practice. He has serviced over 2,000 patients located in a myriad of treatment settings from assisted living to rehabilitation centers to skilled nursing facilities. Steve also enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with his family.

Darryl Wong-Sing - Pharmacist

Darryl graduated in 1974. He worked for Kaiser in Sacramento before coming to Fresno in 1986. In 2001, he left Kaiser Fresno to work at RxRelief Service. He then met Ron, owner of Fox Drug Store, and started working for Fox Drug Store for over five years. He enjoys bowling and visiting Las Vegas. He wife is also a pharmacist in Sanger. He has a son and a daughter.

Margaret Henry.jpg

Margaret Henry - Pharmacy Technician

One of the first pharmacy technicians with Fox Drug Store, Margaret has over 25 years of experience with retail pharmacy, board and care residents, and in assisted living facilities. During her free time, Margaret enjoys reading and leading the way in Candy Crush.

Edie Valdez.jpg

Edie Valdez - Pharmacy Technician

Edie has over 20 years of experience in retail pharmacy, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities. Her patience and caring demeanor has allowed Edie to excel in helping residential homes, especially those servicing developmentally challenged individuals. To relax, Edie enjoys singing and dancing.

Vickie Gonzales - Pharmacy Technician

Vickie has over 10 years of experience specializing in skilled nursing facilities and IV therapies. She has been in charge of ensuring that countless patients receive proper IV medication and nutrition. Her hobbies include traveling and watching mystifying crime shows.

Joanne Khounxay.jpg

Joanne Khounxay - Pharmacy Technician

Joanne has been a pharmacy technician since 2005. She enjoys eating and trying new food.

Dustin Rochoa.jpg

Dustin Rocha - Pharmacy Technician

Dustin has over 7 years of pharmacy technician experience. During his free time, he enjoys hiking and trying new exotic foods.

Destinee Acosta.jpg

Destinee Acosta - Pharmacy Technician

Destinee graduated from San Joaquin Valley College. She worked with Margaret, Vickie, and Edie to learn the best practices. She is the lead technician at Sunnyside Pharmacy and now works with home health agencies to help their clients stay compliant in medication adherence. Destinee enjoys raising her two children, being involved in church, and cheering on the San Francisco 49er's on Sundays.

Ingrid Guittierrez.jpg

Ingrid Guttierrez - Pharmacy Technician

Ingrid has been with Fox Drug Store since 2013. She enjoys spending time with her family.

Veronica Ramirez.jpg

Veronica Ramirez - Pharmacy Technician

Veronica has over 25 years of pharmacy experience and has been with Fox Drug Store for over nine years. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother.

Matthew Wyatt.jpg

Matthew Wyatt - Pharmacy Technician

Jason Salvatierra - Pharmacy Technician

Jason has over four years of experience as a pharmacy technician. He has been with Fox Drug Store for over five years and his hobbies include photography and baseball.

Arleen Torres.jpg

Arleen Torres - Pharmacy Clerk

Arleen has been with Fox Drug Store for over ten years. She loves assisting her customers. Her hobbies include baking and spending time with her grandchild.

Vanessa Romero.jpg

Vanessa Romero - Pharmacy Clerk

Vanessa has over three years of clerk experience and enjoys spending time with her family.

Anjelica Ramirez.jpg

Anjelica Ramirez - Pharmacy Clerk

Anjelica has been with Fox Drug Store for over one year and enjoys church activities.

Sonja Flores.jpg

Sonja Flores - Pharmacist Typist

Sonja graduated Sanger High in 1984. She got married in 1989 and has three lovely children. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, dancing, and listen to music. Her family is her world, including her pets which include four cats and one dog.

Alejandra Torres.jpg

Alejandra Torres - Pharmacy Typist

Aejandra has over four years as a lead typist. She enjoys reading and watching mystery television programs.

Sam Pena - Courier

Sam has over two years experience as a courier. He is always willing to assist the staff and patients and is now in charge of deliveries.

Mayra Rodriguez.jpg

Mayra Rodriguez - Clerk

Mayra has been with Fox Drug Stores for over three years. She enjoys spending time with family, shopping, and she loves to eat.

Mary Beltran.jpg

Mary Beltran - Clerk

Mary has experience in customer service for eight years. One of her hobbies include cooking. She loves birds and dogs, as well as her plants.

Lily Romero.jpg

Lily Romero - Clerk

Sandy Whited.jpg

Sandy Whited - Accounts Receivable Clerk

Sandy has been with Fox Drug Store for over 6 years. She enjoys spending time with her family, going to movies, and doing karaoke.

Phyllis Weager.jpg

Phyllis Weager - Book Keeper

Phyllis' favorite thing is being a Grandma.